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Mediachance Photo-Reactor 1.3 [x86/x64]

Mediachance Photo-Reactor - новый динамический графический редактор и процессор эффектов с огромным набором возможностей и фантастическими эффектами. Вам больше не надо обрабатывать ваши изображения, используя статический способ стандартных редакторов - эффекты накладываются один за другим, один слой поверх другого, а все, что вы сделали полностью динамично и всегда готово к изменениям или перестановкам.

Finally an image editor for 21st century! Photo-Reactor is a brand new highly optimized dynamic image editor and effect processor with absolutely unlimited possibilities and fantastic effects. Applying one static effects after another is so last century. Instead everything you do in Reactor is fully dynamic, always ready to be tweaked or rearranged. A standard "static" image editing software is hopelessly stuck in the last century. You apply one step after another. One effect or adjustment after another with one layer on top of another one. The problem starts as soon as you want to go back and change or re-order the many steps. It is time to move into 21st century.

What if? - you have fully dynamic software where time and sequence of steps are a non-issue?; you can have unlimited layers and effects that also go sideways, not in one big layer pile?; every single effect or adjustment can be re-adjusted at any time without going back?; you can wrap effects and steps into new super-effect, add your own controls and then use them as just any other single effect?; you can instanly apply all the effects to other images with a single click?; you can apply everything you did to folders full of images without creating "macro"; the output image can be used to process other images? Photo-Reactor is all this and much more. It is build as a truly 21st century image editing, discovery, workbench, effect sharing and new process creation tool where anything is possible using the modern nodal principle.

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