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GPU-Z 2.8.0

GPU-Z – небольшая бесплатная утилита, отображающая детальную информацию о вашей видеокарте и GPU. Поддерживается работа с продуктами на базе чипсетов NVIDIA и ATI, выводятся сведения о дисплее, графическом процессоре и т.д.

GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU. It will tell you everything you want to know about the graphics device(s) in your system.


-Fixed crashes and other issues on AMD Ryzen Raven Ridge APU
-Added DXVA 2.0 hardware decoder info to Advanced Tab
-"Disable sensor" menu item now properly called "Hide"
-Improved VRAM usage monitoring on AMD
-Improved rendering performance of NVIDIA PerfCap sensor
-Improved AMD power limit reporting in Advanced Panel
-"MemVendor" is now included in XML dump output
-Fixed NVIDIA PerfCap sensor drawing outside its area
-Fixed "BIOS reading not supported" error on NVIDIA, on some motherboards
-Fixed HBM memory type detection in Advanced Tab on Fury X
-Fixed temperature misreadings on Vega
-Fixed "Digital Signature" label getting truncated on some hidpi screens
-Added support for RX 460 Mobile, RX 560 Mobile, RX 570 Mobile, RX 580 Mobile, RX 550 based on Baffin LE


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